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Family Owned and Operated since 1912 Lorain, Ohio
Robin M. (Eichenlaub) Ewest
Unforgettably Touched Countless Lives
Age 54
Born: February 25, 1966   Died: November 26, 2020

Gluvna Shimo Hromada

Once upon a time on February 25, 1966 in Amherst, Ohio, a strong little girl named Robin Marie (Eichenlaub) Ewest was born to Richard and Patricia Eichenlaub. She is the middle child squished between her sister and brother, Cheryl and Ric. Throughout the years, she continued to collect siblings, tied not through blood but through love. There are so many, Iris, Justin, Beth (you know who you are).

Robin’s passion was being the proud tt (aunt) of Nicholas, Spencer, Peyton, and Devin, Devlin and great aunt to Gavin. She always said, “If mom doesn’t get it for you, tt will”. And she did.

After graduating from Amherst’s Marion L. Steele High School in 1984 where she was a cheerleader under the advisor of our mom (Pat), Robin became the cheerleading coach alongside mom for fifteen-plus years where they won multiple National Titles. In the years to come, Robin started the cheer program at Ten-Point-O in Elyria and later moved on to opening and co-owning Infinity Athletics of Avon. She loved all of her cheerleaders, who would call her Robin Egg, as if they were her own. From Cheer Power to Jamfest, Robin touched many hearts. It even goes without saying, working at the office of Dr. Charles Canepa alongside Sandee, Rhetta, Theresa, Angie, and Sam for thirty-plus years, even those young patients referred to her as tt. We would ask, is there anyone you don’t know? She would just laugh.

Robin’s passion for baking led to Sprinklez and Swirlz. From her cakes to her amazing cupcakes, if you ever placed an order, you know what we’re talking about.

Few years ago, Robin’s body was attacked by an evil villain known as cancer. Bound and determined, she said “I am going to win this fight”. As hard as she tried, the darkness overcame her defenses. Even though we have lost sight of her, every time you see that one special Robin either sitting on a bench looking at you, or flying in front of you, your hearts have crossed.

She says if you want to come sit and chat for a while, she will be hanging with Poppy, Nanny, Granma Ethel, and Grandpa Joe at Ridge Hill.



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